THTM Goes Wild Tony Harris packs a graphic punch

For more than 60 years, “This Happened To Me” has been one of the most popular features in OUTDOOR LIFE. … Continued

For more than 60 years, “This Happened To Me” has been one of the most popular features in OUTDOOR LIFE. During its long history we’ve covered everything from bear attacks to boating mishaps. One of the reasons I believe this column has remained so popular is because the stories come from you, our readers, and all of them are true.

We all love to read about the misadventures of others. Sometimes they’re really funny. But deep down, I think we realize that the same misfortunes could happen to any of us, and a lot of them probably have.

Since becoming a permanent part of the editorial lineup at OUTDOOR LIFE back in June 1940, “This Happened To Me” has been illustrated by a number of famous artists, among them Dennis Budgen, whose drawings you might have recognized in Leatherman’s ad campaign a few years ago, and longtime THTM illustrator Ken Laager, who has become one of America’s premier historical painters, specializing in recreating authentic Western scenes of native Americans.

In keeping with this proud tradition, we’re pleased to introduce Tony Harris, who brings a dynamic, exciting new style to “This Happened To Me.” Harris, a 14-year veteran of the comic book and illustration industry, made his first real splash in the world of comic illustration in 1994 with the appearance of DC Comics’ Starman. Co-created with screenwriter James Robinson (Comic Book Heroes, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), Starman brought the two artists critical acclaim and eventually the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award for “Sand and Stars,” an ongoing storyline that appeared over a series of issues.

Harris has provided art for such famous comics as Batman, Superman, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Hulk, Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, X-Men, Green Lantern, Planet of the Apes and many more. Other works include key frame animation and storyboards for a Superbowl-televised Chevrolet commercial, illustration for the Cartoon Network and product design and illustration for Universal Studios’ hit movie The Mummy. With such an exciting background, Harris is the perfect choice to continue the wild adventures you’ve come to enjoy with each new segment of “This Happened To Me.”

And for those in search of another take on the classic column, we invite you to tune in to the Outdoor Life Network on October 3, 2003, for the premier of This Happened to Me!, a series in which classic adventures from the pages of OUTDOOR LIFE come alive for the first time on television.

Todd W. Smith, Editor-in-Chief