Best Reader Photos Spring 2012

Summer officially starts June 20, which makes it the perfect time to check out the spring photos from OL readers. … Continued

First Turkey
My daughter Krystle on the first day of the Mass. turkey season took her first ever turkey a nice 16Lb bird with 1/2 spurs. It was a beautiful morning and the whole hunt was captured on video. One of many more hunts together. -birddog254
Halibut in Homer, AK
I caught this 100 pounder while fishing in my Avon inflatable boat. My buddy shot it with his pistol when I brought it to the surface and we towed it to shore. -John A Pierog
Pending Wisconsin State Bowfishing Record Common Carp
Team Schwack ‘N Stack took this beast while bowfishing at night. It Weighed 59 pounds on a certified scale and measures 46 inches long. -zschwacks
Double Before Morning Bell
Took one of my high school students out before school one day. We managed to call in this pair of young gobblers, tag em, and get pictures before the morning bell! What a great way to start a Wednesday morning! -chappy57
rat and cat
13 pound 14 oz. Channel Cat taken on the Musselshell River near Winnett Montana on April 19 with light tackle on a nightcrawler. My first big cat. She is still swimming that muddy river. Thanks to my buddy Bryon that took me to the spot Way to start the year! -muskrat
My PB Carp
40-inch Musky
I was Bass fishing and threw a green 1/4 oz. jig head with a chartreuse Gulp Minnow body. One cast and this gorgeous Musky came from behing and ate it next to the boat. I was using Ultra Light spinning equipment and 6 pound test line not expecting to fight a Musky. The fish fought well and was released unharmed. -guideman77
2 FOR 2
12 year old Twin brothers Caleb & Colby Potts each shot opening day turkeys during the Iowa youth season while hunting with there Dad. -MICHAEL POTTS
Late Morning Tom
On opening morning,Damon and I decided to hunt the hills. Damon made a few calls. A hen started yelping. Then we heard a gobble over the hill behind us . We called again this time the tom was very close. He topped the hill and started to strut. At 30 yds , I pulled the trigger. He weighed 20lbs 10 ozs, 8″ beard and 1″ spurs. -deerslayer8
Caught @ Fishpond Lake in Letcher Co. Ky. 12lb 6oz Bass…251/4 in.with a 22in. girth. -mamagen
Stalked by a Predator
This stray or house cat is caught in the act, of stalking two hen birds. The cat has surprise on its side but I bet on the hen bird in a confrontation. If the cat is a pet, then the pet owner is stupid, for allowing their cat to kill , be killed, or be bitten by a animal that is infected with Rabies disease. It is amazing what your trail camera can pick up when your not there. -LovesOutdoors
Deep Sea fishing off the coast of Florida -djam
A couple of nice Bass
On a Mid April 2012 fishing trip to Arkansas, Beaver Lake area caught these Bass on a Drop-Shot rig with a Baby Bass finese worm. bass were in 30 feet of water about a foot off the bottom feeding on a large school of shad. When there are that many shad in a lake it is a tough bite. thanks to Uncle John Stapleton for being our guide. -fritzthecat
The Great Goose Gun-Down
The last day of December, 2009. Six shooters and a cameraman set out decoys in a winter wheat field with random patches of snow. Each shooter crouched under a plain-white sheet as a blind (to appear simply as a snow patch). Flock after flock came in, until we all shot our limit. -soarnomore
Hon, I got dinner
Mr. Red sure is taking care of the mrs. I only have two pictures of her out of 56. -pafanasiw
My Favorite Magazine
Hi, My name is Aria. I am a 3 year old GSP that just had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on my belly. I needed a little recouperation time to heal up. I will be starting chemotherapy next week to rid the Lyphangiosarcoma that I was diagnosed with. In this picture I found my dads magazine ( The cover caught my attention) and I was taking in the latest articles. What a great magazine. -zachary smith
Spring Turkey Fling
Rankin Morgan and his friends Tim Kiser, Nick Davis, John Barnett and Matthew Alexander killed these three long beards at his farm in Northwest Georgia on the first Friday in April. They killed 2 more later that afternoon. Sometimes things just go the way they are supposed to. -rankinm11
First Turkey, Spring Youth Hunt 2012 WNY
My neighbors daughter bagged her first bird with her dad on Sunday April 22nd here in WNY. The bird weighed in at 23lbs with a 9 inch beard and 1 inch spurs and was taken using a 20 gauge youth shotgun at a range of 42 yards. -sid_meeder
13lbs 6ozs Largemouth Bass 4/21/2012
This is a monster of a Largemouth caught by Brandon Thompson using a 9″ chartreuse crankbait. By far the largest bass I have ever caught. And believe it or not my first bass caught on a crankbait. -bthomp15
Doubled up on Missouri Gobblers
These two toms came in from behind us. We sat motionless for 45 minutes until they passed behind a bush. Gave us the time to turn around and get ready. Got the first one, and the second one hung around long enough for my shot. 17 1/2 lbs, 10 inch beard, 20 lbs,9 inch beards. -Coolshooter
Black Bear Eats Deer
I found a deer carcass that the bears were feeding on, deep in the woods. I set up my trail camera facing the dead deer. Each time I went in to check on the trail cam, I took in bakery items. You can see the bear would rather feed on the stinky horrible deer carcass. It proves a rotten dead animal is gourmet food to a bear. -LovesOutdoors
Home From The Hunt
In the late 1930’s and early 1940’s, my grandpa would travel from his farm in Sauk Co. WI to north central WI. He and his uncles and cousins would follow the R.R. tracks back into the bush, to set up camp and hunt deer. This photo was back at home with his trophy, frozen stiff, after a cold week in the bush. His stories spurred my intrest in deer hunting. -saukdeerslayer
Summer, the archer
We got our 9 year old a starter bow and she just loves to practise. Start them young, teach them a love of the outdoors and respect for all it provides…won’t be long before she brings home a nice little buck. -Tracey Wilson
Buck on Point
The young seven point buck is on point. The eight point piebald buck is also looking at something from behind. Maybe it is a game bird their watching. -LovesOutdoors
Albino Elk
Caught this elk with my Bushnell camera. -Therese Sandager
Courtni’s king salmon
While on a cruise in Alaska my daughters and I went on a fishing trip in Ketchikan, Alaska. As you can see my youngest(11 year old Courtni) caught a nice 32 inch King Salmon in 300 feet of water. We were using herring. She also caught an 8 lb. Halibut. -bhamm4693
Jane’s first canoe trip. -bobbyblitzcreek
Male Brown Trout
38 1/2″ 37lbs Caught on ultra-light and 8lb test Should have gotten this one certified but i had know idea it would of broke the 8lb line class record. -jpmoney
Bear with Prize
Another photo of this PA Black Bear standing over its prize, while staring right toward me. Maybe I am naive, or the closeness of the truck, or just had dumb luck, but I don’t remember feeling threatened. And it didn’t make any such moves. Thankfully. -Bill Maile
Old Time Hunting Camp
Many of the Old Howell ancestors from Susquehanna County Pa. always gathered at the Hunting camp. Proud of there take for the day a group photo was taken,then on to cooking the fresh kill. -Sherry Sparks

Summer officially starts June 20, which makes it the perfect time to check out the spring photos from OL readers. See the best shots uploaded to the Braggin’ Board this spring.