Winchester/Browning 2008 Preview

HereÂ’s an exclusive first look at some of the new products from Winchester and Browning for 2008, including the reborn … Continued

The 2008 Model 70 is a controlled-round feed action. Outdoor Life Online Editor
The most radical departure from prior Model 70s is the new M.O.A. trigger system, which is a user adjustable trigger that come pre-set from the factory to break at 3 3/4 pounds. Outdoor Life Online Editor
This is the old Model 70 trigger and three-position safety. Notice the 45-degree slope on the sear where it connects with the firing pin. This has been redesigned in the new Model 70¿ Outdoor Life Online Editor
The surfaces on the new Model 70¿s sear are square where it engages with the bolt¿s firing pin mechanism. Put the gun on safe and the firing pin needs to move less than it did in the old design. Because the wing safety travels the same distance and needs to move the firing pin less, it is working with greater mechanical advantage, significantly improving the smoothness of the safety mechanism. Outdoor Life Online Editor
The two big rifle introductions from Browning and Winchester for 2008 are the reborn Model 70 (top) and the new Browning X-Bolt. Outdoor Life Online Editor
The magazine in the Browning X-Bolt is built on a rotary-feed design that aligns the cartridges directly underneath and in line with the bolt for smooth feeding. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Gun Shots team member Slaton White (foreground) takes on Browning¿s Scott Grange in a T-Bolt dueling tree deathmatch! Browning is expanding its T-Bolt offerings in 2008 to include .22 Win. Mag. rimfire and the .17 HMR. Outdoor Life Online Editor

HereÂ’s an exclusive first look at some of the new products from Winchester and Browning for 2008, including the reborn Winchester Model 70 and the new Browning X-Bolt. By John B. Snow