Week of October 5, 2004

Here are the results of a 2½-week Alaskan moose hunt. From left to right: Curt Adams with his 60½-inch bull’s rack; Sam Hermon with a 51-inch trophy; Mike Barickman with antlers that measure 57½ inches across; Bob Boyle with 48-inch antlers; and Susan Carrara, whose moose’s rack measured 53½ inches across.
It took Cole Green-Smith of Carbondale, Colo., 30 minutes to haul in this 24-pound pike. Cole was fishing for trout with 8-pound-test.
While Charles Gardner’s father and brother stayed in camp, the Woodlawn, Va., resident took this eight-pointer, his first with a muzzleloader.
Austin Hobart of Spring, Tex., poses with his dad, who is holding Austin’s first largemouth bass. The 5-pounder surprised Austin because he and his dad had been bream fishing.
Frank Tobias of Toone, Tenn., shot at this deer in 2002 and clipped its ear. He saw the eight-pointer again in 2003 and made the shot count.
John Stahl, a teacher from Logan County, Ohio, used his crossbow, along with a grunt call and rattling antlers, to bag this 1511/8- inch whitetail.
Bieschke of Detroit, Mich., did some quick shooting to bag this double. The birds flushed and had to be taken on the wing.
Former “Miss Racine” Rachel Savaglio of Racine, Wisc., shows off her first buck. Savaglio shot the dandy eight-pointer on November 17, 2001 in Richland County, Wisc.
After four long years on a waiting list, Tony Iaquinta of Long Island, N.Y., drew a tag and connected with this beautiful trophy polar bear.
While waiting for his wife to give birth, Joseph Renaggio of Dunmore, Penn., shot this 1453/8-inch buck when it trailed two does past his stand.
Twelve-year-old Robbie Wyper of Darien, Conn., passed up three jakes before bagging his first turkey, a 20½-pound tom with a 9½-inch beard and 1¼-inch spurs.