New Braggin’ Board Photos

Eric Butters
Eric victoriously shot this 233-pound, 15-point deer after tracking him all summer long. The impressive rack later scored 165 and 6/8 Boone and Crockett. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Troy Ehrensberger
Troy lucked out when he shot his 7-point buck on the first day of buck season. The buck had a 17″ inside spread. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Terry Garvin
Terry shot his first 9-point deer in Indiana. The deer weighed in at 189 pounds. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Jerry Johnson
Jerry shot this 9-point pie bald buck from the loft of his barn that overlooks his land. The buck weighed in at 160 field dressed. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Brian Kaminsky
Brian shot this 10-point deer in his own backyard. The staggering buck made it 35 yards before dropping to the floor. The valiant buck scored 134 and 6/8 Boone and Crockett. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Dave Kristofic
Dave shot this buck during the 2004 hunting season with his Winchester 30-6. The buck weighed in at 185 pounds field dressed and had a green score of 175. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Charles Laughbaum
Charles dropped this 9-point deer with one shot from his 12-gauge. With an spread just over 19-1/2″ and 11″ brow tines, this is a impressive harvest. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Tracey Ledbetter
Tracey shot this magnificent 14-point deer from three yards away as he ran towards her from across a creek. The deer had a score of 164-3/4 and a Buckmaster score of 146. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Marsh Mansolillo
Marsh shot this tundra swan using a Remington 870 Express Magnum and Remington nitro-steel 3-inch shells. He shot the bird at Lake Mattamuskeet in North Carolina. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Stuart Renfrow
Stuart shot his first deer in 2005 after watching the whitetail for three days. The whitetail weighed 275 pounds in the field. Outdoor Life Online Editor
John Stanley
John arrowed this 8-point Pope and Young whitetail after it entered a shooting lane. The deer netted 130-1/8″. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Greg Steinacker
Greg proudly arrowed the largest deer of his life when he brought down a remarkable 12-pointer in Wisconsin. The deer grossed 155-1/2″. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Austin Tate
Austin, 14, shot his 9-point buck on an afternoon hunt through his grandparent’s ranch in Texas. Austin brought the animal down using his great-grandfather’s 270 Winchester model-54. Outdoor Life Online Editor