New Trophy Buck Photos

We’ve added 10 more shots to our Big Bucks photo gallery. Check out some of the bruisers that our readers … Continued

Panama, NY After shooting this 157-pound buck, Chad had to race his wife to the hospital where she gave birth to a girl.
Jordan, NY After six years of marriage, Scott finally convinced his wife to join him on a hunt. This small buck was her first kill.
West Lafayette, IN Every young hunter dreams of a trophy buck, and 11-year-old Shannon was fortunate enough to have that dream come true. She shot this 140-class deer with her father.
Mills, NE On his first muzzleloader hunt, Jason shot this buck, which gross scored 153 1/8.
St. Louis, MO This funky looking buck scored 167 3/4-inches non-typical.
Anderson, IN Drew spent his off-season practicing moving shots with his bow. And it paid off. With just minutes left in the evening he was presented with a tough angle on this monster. It field-dressed at 230 pounds.
Rutland, OH Curtis shot this gross-scoring 132-inch buck from his backyard with a crossbow. It is his first deer.
Blanchester, OH 135 5/8-inches typical
Wrangell, AK 117-inch Sitka blacktail No. 16 in Boone & Crockett
Billings, MT 187-gross Mule deer
Helena, MT 4×4 Mule deer
Canton, KS 174 green score non-typical
Onalaska, WI 165 pounds field-dressed
Arlington, VA 178-pounds field dressed 10 points
Montrose, WV 180-pounds field dressed 19-inch inside spread
Wharton, OH 150-inch typical 21-inch inside spread
Archdale, NC 146-inch gross typical
Mont Laurier, Quebec 145-inch typical 19-inch spread
Nampa, ID 166-inch gross typical 275 pounds, live weight
Hannibal, NY 164-inches typical 176 pounds-field dressed
Penn Laird, VA 148-inches typical
Quill Lake, Saskatchewan 174-inch typical
Weedville, PA 167-inch typical
Greenfield, TN 13 points, 22-inches wide 175 pounds field-dressed
Ballston Spa, NY 183-inch non-typical 225 pounds field-dressed
Troy, IL 168-inch gross typical 245 pounds field-dressed
Port Colborne, Ontario 157-inch typical 250 pounds field-dressed
Fayetteville, TX 156-inch non-typical
Leroy, OH 178-inch gross typical
Monot, ME 165 pounds field-dressed
San Antonio, TX 120-class typical
Columbus, OH 175-inch non-typical
Pearland, TX 225 pounds field-dressed
Missoula, MT 4×4 Mule deer
Cheektowaga, NY 125-inch typical
Homer, MI 141-inch typical
Scranton, IA 120-inch typical
Scranton, IA 120-inch typical

We’ve added 10 more shots to our Big Bucks photo gallery. Check out some of the bruisers that our readers dropped last season. And be sure to email us your pics. Send them to []( Photos)